Forneby, a commune of Möklinta, is situated in Västmanland, the very heart of Sweden.
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GPS location
orig latlng:60.069359,16.541977
Status Code:200
Status Request:geocode
Address:231, 733 99 Sala, Schweden
Country code: SE
As the old saying goes ''Many roads and bridges lead to ….. Sweden''
For those of you who come to us by car, you can either take the ferries Puttgarden-Roedby or Helsingör-Helsingborg. If you prefer an unhurried and comfy overnight crossing, we recommend the Kiel-Göteborg connection.
You can also enter Scandinavia by one of its many bridges, like for example via the Öresund bridge or the Storebelt bridge. Given that you may all come from different directions, we will give a detailed enumeration at this point a miss and would kindly ask you to please find below the most important links to all ferry lines and bridge connections.
Can't wait to get here as fast as possible? Well, then the plane it is. The most convenient airport to fly into is Stockholm Arlanda.
Once landed, just a few more steps down the stairs and right onto the platform where an intercity will take you in only 55 minutes to Sala. Simply click on the locomotive and book your ticket online with Swedish Railway.
Once in Sala, you can hop on the bus no 63 heading to Möklinta and then get off at Hillersbo. A stop almost at our doorstep. Or even better, book our personal pick-up service, which will already be awaiting you upon your arrival at the platform.
Please let us know if we can help you when planning your trip or making your reservation.